Letter: Stop giveaways to developers

At the Town Council meeting Dec. 8, the town of Basalt gave to the Willits developer, Mariner Real Estate Management, future sales tax money so it can further develop (“Willits Town Center expansion approved,” The Aspen Times, Dec. 9)? This could turn out to be a lot of money that would do a lot of good and solve problems for the town. Four council members voted in favor of the developer instead of doing what’s right for the town’s residents. What a giveaway. These are the same council members who think the Pan and Fork needs to be developed because the town can’t afford not to develop it. These are the same council members who wonder where the funds for the Basalt underpass will come from.

Mariner complained that it rented out a whole second floor to Valley View Hospital and built a hotel so now it needs more square footage for retail. When did retail occupy second floors? Isn’t Mariner receiving income from Valley View and the hotel? Such specious reasoning.

It is time for this council to work for the town’s residents and remember that development should pay its own way.

Gerry Terwilliger