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Letter: Stop blaming all Muslims

There is freedom of speech, there is hate speech, there is stupid speech, and there is really, really stupid and ignorant speech. I think all of the above speech is what Pamela Geller has used in the past few weeks. There is no way that was the only time, either. I am betting that if Geller approached the Aspen Art Museum about any of her ideas, two things would happen. They would politely say “no,” and the Roaring Fork Valley community would say “hell no.” Most likely the whole state of Colorado would agree with that.

Also, I am not surprised at all that a Texas community agreed to her “art ideas.” Texas is a great state with a whole lot of really great people, but Texas also has a whole bunch of problem people with bad ideas and ideals. Just like anywhere, to be fair. Think about this, though: Why throw 10,000 gallons of Middle Eastern-derived fuel on a really huge and worldwide problem? That would be like a middle-aged white guy like me or a slightly older white dude like Chad Klinger going to Ferguson and telling other-color people to settle the hell down and act “civilized.” Yes, constitutionally we have the right to do something like that, but would it really be a smart and rightous thing to do?

I also think that the United States bombing everything does not work. We have made things worse for everyone, including ourselves. I think it would be better if our armed forces did hit-and-runs on our enemies. Small, quick and smart. Not big, dumb and slow. Also, for the populace in war-torn territories, small packaged food and water drops with our flag on them. We would save trillions of dollars and a few hundred thousand innocent lives. I came up with that idea in the Vietnam era. When i was 10 years old. Why can’t the CIA and the Pentagon try some new things out?

Also, to Klinger’s other points about this great country of ours (“The problem with being Pamela Geller,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, May 21): Why can’t we have sex education in junior high school and high school for sex-primed young people? Also, why can’t the Republicans add money to the food-stamp and Women, Infants and Children programs that feed poor women and children who were not aborted instead of cutting from them? It is a proven fact that they also help out farmers, ranchers, grocers and even JPMorgan! Everyone wins.

On a serious note, though, the American extremists need to stop blaming all the problems on Muslims as one group. I know Muslims who are peaceful and righteous and do great things.


Miles Knudson

Santa Fe, New Mexico