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Letter: Stoned again

Based on Andy Stone’s recent commentary (“Perfectly phony turned into perfectly Aspen,” The Aspen Times, April 29), I think I know as much about the Boogie/Schlomo spat as Stone does, which is to say — nothing. Frankly, I don’t care; that is between them. What I do care about is Aspen, and near as I can tell, there have been few who have been more generous with this community and its people than Boogie. In my experience, his generosity has largely been anonymous, genuine and meaningful — not, similar to many trying to buy their way into our good graces, loud, superficial and trivial.

Apparently, Stone doesn’t like Boogie’s style, but one reason I still love Aspen is that it is a place full of interesting, independent and different people who revel in their individuality and their lives in Aspen — such as Boogie and, yes, even Andy “Rock Throwing” Stone, too.

Scott Writer