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Letter: Sticking it to the taxpayers

Sticking it to the taxpayers

To build this rec center at this time is a bad idea with the uncertainty of what is happening in this country.

It’s indicated that Snowmass area would pay more than those of you in Eagle County. Why?

With the American dollar losing its value, what would this mean in the future for the taxpayer? More taxes to cover the cost and upkeep of this building? It certainly isn’t in my budget to pay these kind of taxes being retired and on a fixed income. It could push some of us out of the area, especially if Social Security and Medicare gets cut. I am not a newcomer in this valley.

There have been several letters written giving figures, most differ from one another. What is the real truth in cost of taxes? For retirees, it will be a hardship. I feel a lot of people are being selfish for themselves at the expense of the taxpayer to get what they want. From news reports, this country isn’t going to have an easy time in the not-too-distant future. And this special district wants to raise exorbitant taxes just for a place to play.

Someone had written about costs of 20 years ago; you can’t compare costs from then to now. We all know the cost of living keeps rising and will do so in the future.

For those of you who want this rec center (Taj Mahal) so badly, ask some wealthy CEO who has billions to build it for you, not the poor taxpayer. They could have their name attached to it if they agreed to do this.

As for the school tax Amendment 66, I feel it won’t help to produce better students. What about the tax that was approved in our district not long ago, and now they want more? Giving students too much doesn’t necessarily produce better students. Then some expect handouts the rest of their lives. They need to be taught to be self motivated. Money isn’t the answer to everything.

Think for yourselves and vote your conscience, not what others are trying to tell you how to vote.

I agree with Paul Andersen’s column dated Oct. 28, 2013.

Joan Mecseri


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