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Letter: Stick with Mick

When Mick Ireland was a reporter for The Aspen Times in 1980 through ’84, he was entitled to write a column after his own heart. He wrote about conducting and interpreting his own political polling on local issues. Every new tax season, Mick would explain tax deductions for working stiffs, single mothers and other underdogs. The discipline of his journalistic experience and legal training (CU Law School ’88) became the foundations of his competence in local governance.

His reportage on the City Council and Board of County Commissioners had been so professionally even-handed that, in October 1993, he used it as evidence to persuade Commissioners Bill Tuite, Bob Child and Wayne Ethridge to choose him to fill the remaining 14 months of the term of the resigning Fred Crowley. He subsequently won three terms each as a commissioner and as mayor because he has a gift for bringing about consensus, the opposite of gridlock. He has had the backbone to have stood fast against truly malignant opposition.

He has been exceptionally generous in sharing his campaigning skills with other locals progressives on the Western Slope on issues of water law, anti-fracking and human services. He has ensured that the voice of Aspen and Pitkin County, when it has been liaising with federal and state authorities, has been a progressive one.

Mick has a huge record of accomplishment. We progressives are lucky to have him running for another term. Stick with Mick.

David Bentley