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Letter: Step up to combat climate-change deniers

Step up to combat climate-change deniers

Thank you for Scott Condon’s excellent summary of Naomi Oreske’s research in “Merchants of Doubt” and the film based on it (“Film digs into climate-change denial,” The Aspen Times, March 27). My husband, a retired research mathematician, couldn’t read more than a chapter of Oreske’s book; it was too upsetting for him to contemplate former research physicists intentionally deceiving the public for political purposes and economic gain.

I’m reading her book now and am awed by her thorough research and depth of information, but the film revealed for me something I hadn’t gotten from the book. The filmmaker interviewed various climate-change deniers. They weren’t trapped or caught by surprise; they were delighted to sit down and talk with the filmmaker. I got to see their faces and consider their ordinariness. From physicist Fred Singer to political operative Marc Morano, they made it clear they have no expectation of winning a scientific debate. There is no debate about scientific facts; the science is clear: Climate change is real, and humans are causing it.

The goal of America’s merchants of denial is simply to delay action.

Imagine the banality of evil: delay action and impose risk on all humanity so a few fossil-fuel industrialists reap profits a little longer.

It’s just that banal.

Instead, ordinary people can choose to be heroes by stopping this intentional, well-funded misinformation campaign and helping Congress enact climate-change legislation. Please contact the ordinary heroes of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby for more information.

Rabbi Judy Weiss

Brookline, Massachusetts

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