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Letter: Stand up for North Fork Valley


Stand up for North Fork Valley

Dear Editor:

With its ranches, farms, wineries and small towns, the North Fork Valley is an amazing place.

After coming together twice now, the community has rallied to stop irresponsible oil- and gas- leasing proposals from the local Bureau of Land Management office in Montrose. Now the BLM is getting ready to release a draft of its revised resource-management plan for the region some time in the next few months.

While the BLM is finishing up its draft of the resource management plan, I have just one request: Please adopt the North Fork Alternative Plan.

The ideas in the North Fork Alternative Plan will help to preserve the North Fork Valley, such as protecting domestic and irrigation water supplies, critical habitat for big game animals and scenic views.

This is common-sense stuff. Why should we gamble our community values for the unreliable and risky boom-and-bust cycle of oil and gas development?

We know that the BLM did a poor job of writing its management plan the last time around, in the 1980s, and unfortunately, that plan still dictates how public lands are used here, some 24 years after it was finished in 1989.

So I hope that our communities can come together again and ask the BLM to do it right this time and adopt the North Fork Alternative Plan.

Dave Jacobson