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Letter: Spellbound by Spellbinders

We think you should know about the Spellbinders storytelling group. They are volunteers who tell stories that make kids’ imaginations grow from sprouts to big oak trees. The stories they tell can be fiction or nonfiction. Storytellers are special; our storyteller tells us cool stories about heroes and heroines from the Giraffe Heroes Project. After every story, we hang a picture that reminds us of the story on a giraffe banner. The pictures remind us of the heroes who have stretched out their necks to help others.

We think Jackie Merrill is the best storyteller ever! She’s very nice and tells the most wonderful stories. She is like a dolphin with a lot of friends, and she is the one who taught all the dolphins to dive into the water and dive down deep. We can’t think of one person who wouldn’t want to hear her tell stories. She always brings an orb that turns on our brains to listen to her. The stories calm our minds. She doesn’t show us pictures, so we can visualize the pictures how we want them.

We think it is important to have a time when you can visualize people who are from another generation and appreciate all their hard work that has changed the world. Stories like the one about kids saving elephants and rhinos inspire us to help the world more.

Spellbinders are the best because they tell amazing stories that we can picture. We should all notice storytellers and how they help our imaginations flow. They connect your brain to facts, creativity and even heroes. We are very lucky that Spellbinders storytellers like telling stories at our school. You should get a storyteller in your classroom because they are so fun, and the best part is that they volunteer for free.

Lisa Lawrence’s third-grade class

Aspen Elementary School

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