Letter: Sorry about the noise

Sorry about the noise

Dear Editor:

An apology to our patrons and to the teen actors in Theatre Aspen School’s “Romeo and Juliet.” During our opening performance of “Romeo and Juliet” at the Hurst Theatre on Friday morning, there was incessant hammering and construction occurring in Rio Grande Park, the result of the final phase of the city of Aspen’s stormwater project and public restroom building. We understood that the work would cease; however, as was evident to the actors, parents and patrons, it did not. Multiple requests were ignored.

Our sincere apologies to the students who worked on this very difficult material for a month and had their opening performance marred by loud and intrusive noise from the environment around us. Your inspired performances despite the intrusion are testament to your focus and preparation.

Paige Price

Artistic director, Theatre Aspen School