Letter: Something’s rotten at AVH

Something’s rotten at AVH

Dear Editor:

The troubles that the good Dr. Schultz is facing only brings to the surface, again, one of the major flaws at Aspen Valley Hospital, the presence of a seriously rotten good ‘ol boys network. This club gets the public to build it a huge new clubhouse, along with fancy new offices, gets to charge exorbitantly elevated fees for mediocre medicine (making millions extra), subsidizes doctors who could not make a living here without the extra dollars, and then won’t let any other doctors into their skewed game. Rotten to the core. The patient/community is not the top priority. I can see how this situation evolved over the years, but let’s fix what has become a problem.

Most any local, without an emergency,and any common sense, takes their business elsewhere!

Mark Hesselschwerdt