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Letter: Some things to consider in Basalt

Editor’s note: The following letter was originally addressed to the town of Basalt planning staff, Planning and Zoning Commission and town trustees.

Regarding your ongoing work to revise the town of Basalt Master Plan, please take into consideration the following:

1. As per the Downtown Area Advisory Committee final report, development should reflect the storefront architecture of historic downtown, meaning buildings with less mass. Large, bulky buildings will ruin the Western motif of the historic downtown district.

2. Smaller retail and commercial spaces encourage new businesses, independent operators and people connecting to the community.

3. Also per the Downtown Area Advisory Committee, a variety of uses should be included in the Community Development Corp. parcel. Residential and hotel zoning is not appropriate for this site.

4. Any use of the site for an underground parking structure should be completely eliminated.

5. Please consider “less is more.”

6. Please bring Basalt to the forefront of sustainable development. Consider the Colorado Beautiful campaign, in which Gov. John Hickenlooper has stated, “Colorado Beautiful … (is) about connecting people to the outdoor delights that set Colorado apart as a special place. It’s important to bring our newest generations outside, away from electronic distractions and into the splendor of our waterways, forests, wildlife, grasslands, mountains and canyons.” (For more on Colorado Beautiful, visit http://www.colorado.gov/pacific/governor/news/gov-hickenlooper-outlines-key-next-steps-colorado-beautiful.)

Thank you.

Cathy Click