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Letter: Some Aspen monopoly perspective


Some Aspen monopoly perspective

Dear Editor:

Regarding “Monopoly on hospital surgical services called in to question” (Aspen Daily News, June 11) and “Concerned residents fill boardroom at hospital” (The Aspen Times, June 11), for those who favor breaking up a monopolistic Aspen Valley Hospital exclusive contract for surgical services, having competition and having the surgeon of your choice, I advise you whip out the “Aspen/Kodak Rule” that the federal and state courts use to combat anti-trust behavior.

For those who harp about Aspen history and how great it is, then the “Aspen/Kodak Rule” should please you to use it as a hammer to open a new door for equity, justice and better hospital service.

You can thank the Highlands for consistently beating Aspen Skiing Co. in the courts long ago when the U.S. Supreme Court disliked Skico’s monopolistic behavior toward Highlands. The decision added more powerful teeth to anti-trust decision-making and busting up monopolistic business conduct.

All right, folks, start chanting “We’re going to use the “Aspen/Kodak Rule” at the hospital now!”

Perhaps the “Aspen/Kodak Rule” should be used at the city government level, which impedes business innovations and competition.

Enuff said!

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Berkley, Calif.