Letter: Snowmass needs teamwork to make the dream work

Before there was a firehouse, before the Snowmass Golf Course, before the paved roads, before the town of Snowmass Village, there was Snowmass ski area. There has been a lot of change in the past few months and over the past 48 years, but there has always been an Opening Day and a Closing Day.

It took more than just one lift operator, more than just one restaurateur and more than just one ski-rental shop to open for the season. Everyone had to cooperate in a group effort to have Snowmass ready for business. The Snowmass community with its entrepreneurial spirit continues to make this amazing, family-friendly resort area one of the best in the nation.

We need progress in order to maintain and expand Snowmass’ potential. As a local business person, I am relying on this world-class destination to continue growing and updating to be relevant for my clients.

In my line of work, I strive to give my clients the most valid information to help them make a decision. Sometimes clients get caught up on minor details instead of focusing on the overall plan. My job is to help them resolve these details and achieve their real estate objectives. It feels as if the town of Snowmass, Related/Snowmass Acquisition Co. and Aspen Skiing Co. all have the same goal, which is to make everyone — visitors, homeowners, other valley residents — realize that Snowmass Village is the place to be. We just have to work together to get through these details to achieve this goal.

Fritz Benedict, Bill Janss and DRC Brown began the development of the ski area before anything else. It’s time we as a community focus on our common goal first so we all can be successful in Snowmass.

I’m Stacey K. Kelly, and I’m pro-Snowmass!

Stacey K. Kelly

Snowmass Village