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Letter: Snowmass must address Krabloonik issue

Recent statements by mushers and employees have left no question as to whether Dan MacEachen is abusing and killing dogs at Krabloonik. It is heartbreaking to know that most, if not all, the stories of abuse have been validated, given as testimony in last week’s court hearing.

Something has to be done. I sincerely hope that the Town of Snowmass Village Council, police chief and animal control will now step up and investigate as this is all occurring on property owned by Snowmass Village.

Do you still believe that Krabloonik is a well-run, animal friendly tourist attraction? Will you continue to support MacEachern and disregard those of us who for years have voiced concern for the sled dogs that have suffered and died at the hands of MacEachen? We ask only for humane treatment of the dogs and an owner who has better moral values.

Evidence shows that MacEachen has continued to lie and hide the truth about what is happening at Krabloonik. He says the dogs are not abused and they get the medical care they need. Documented medical records show that in many cases others have stepped up to provide medical care because Dan refused to. Dan will tell you that he no longer kills dogs. According to those who work there, that’s a lie. He says he adopts out all the dogs that can no longer provide him with income. Are there adoption records for missing dogs or is this another lie? If newspaper accounts are correct, Dan said in court that he’s never been accused of animal abuse — if he did indeed say this, he’s lying again.

Years ago the Human Society, in a leter to then-District Attorney Martin Beeson, wrote: “Dan MacEachen has a history of abuse and neglect toward his sledding dogs and in 1988 pled no contest to animal cruelty. He was charged with beating one of his sled dogs in the head causing fractured bones in the dog’s face and permanent blindness in one eye.” I think that qualifies as being accused of animal abuse, so another lie.

Those of us who care about these dogs want to see them protected, not abused and unnecessarily killed. It’s time for change. Snowmass Village officials – please do the right, moral and humane thing – step up and protect these animals.

Anne Gurchick

Snowmass Village