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Letter: Snake oil in the water

I am writing today to express my concerns about the fluoridation issue in Snowmass. It saddens me greatly to see intelligent people praise a substance proven many times to be toxic. Do you disregard Harvard’s findings of lowered IQ? Do you disregard studies showing that fluoride collects in and calcifies your pineal gland? Can you dispute that forms of fluoride are found in rat poison, sarin nerve gas and Prozac, the last of which might suggest the true nature of the fluoride addition in the first place? And the study that said fluoride was good for our teeth was done close to 100 years ago; where are the more recent findings? And truly, is our dental-health credit all due to fluoride? I say brushing, flossing and avoiding sugars and acidic foods will go a long way. Are we so lazy in America we need to drink a chemical instead to having good dental hygiene? Please, Snowmass, you need to wake up and shed your Stockholm syndrome and stop defending the poison in your water. It’s time to start asking some tough questions, such as why is there is a warning to call poison control on fluoridated toothpaste if you swallow too much but not on nonfluoridated toothpaste? If it’s nontoxic, why does the person adding it to your water have to wear a hazmat suit? Why did the government lower the limit from 1.2 parts per million? Where did that number come from? The Nazi work camps is where. If more than 1.2 perts per million is toxic, can I drink too much water and overmedicate? What about my children? Do I cut them off after they have had a toxic amount of water? If it’s good for our teeth, why do we need to take a bath in it or wash our clothes with it? If the government cares about our teeth so much, why don’t we have Obamacare dental? Why does most of Europe reject fluoridation? Are they merely “conspiracy theorists”?

To the gentleman who suggested filtration, we do that in my house already, but have you checked the prices of reverse-osmosis systems? They are not cheap, and not all those opposed to fluoride can afford them, and why should we pay a tax to pay for the fluoride and then have to pay to remove it? If you wish for this Chinese chemical-factory byproduct in your water, then you should order it directly from the factory because, yes, that is where it came from. This country was established more as a republic because it knew the “sheeple” were too easily convinced by the snake-oil salesmen, and that can lead to people begging to have this mind-numbing, cancer-proliferating poison added back to our children’s drinking water.

Andrew Madewell

Snowmass Village

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