Letter: Skiing with Stevens

I, like most kids, was raised in Aspen Ski School. Open-to-close days, blazing down the mountain and mastering the lineup of tree trails and jump lines one ski lift ride after the next. But the difference between me and the next fearless shredder was that my ski instructor was the mayor of Basalt. Seven years of winter weekends with a guy will really show you his true colors. Rick Stevens was, and always will be, one of the most influential people in my life. Next to my parents, Rick taught me everything from tossing out the “pizza-french fry technique” and ripping down the mountain to being and honest kid that knows the difference from right and wrong.

It has been several years since I have been a resident to our little town of Basalt. All the passion I have for my little home in the Rockies doesn’t compare to the passion that Rick has had for this place for more years than I am old. I am excited to hear that Rick is returning to the campaign trail of 2016 to reclaim his mayoral thrown. Basalt is a thriving little town that can do so well with someone that knows and loves the places as much as a Rick does. If you are looking for a leader that understands what it takes to lead a community, look no further.

Samantha Christensen