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Letter: Skico makes it a season to remember

I know everyone’s minds have shifted to biking, hiking and all the summer delights, but I just want to reflect on what an epic ski season we just enjoyed! More specifically, I’d like to express my gratitude — in addition to Ullr, who was especially generous this winter — to all of those (frequently underappreciated) Aspen Skiing Co. employees.

My undying gratitude goes to Mike Scanlon (ski patrol) and Caleb Cruce (lift op trying out for patrol). It was 3 p.m.; I was flying down the powder in the trees at Hanging Valley when a branch grabbed the wire to my earbuds and flung my iPhone out of my pocket, deep into the powder somewhere (I know, I know). After half an hour of fruitless searching, I was contemplating the cost of a new iPhone when my rescuers arrived. They were on final sweep, and there was a party down at the bottom they were already late for.

But Mike immediately determined that we would find my iPhone, no matter what. He repeatedly called my number, we followed the sound and eventually dug it up from under two feet of powder. Their persistence turned my final day from disastrous to triumphant. When I offered a reward, Mike turned it down.

“That’s what we’re here for.”

Brilliant! It was almost cinematic. And here’s a shout-out to the boys who drive the bowl snowcat (Paulie in particular, who can always fit on one more skier), the ambassadors cheerfully handing out hot cider and Cliff Bars in the middle of freezing blizzards, the ski instructors I’d ride up the chair with, trying to infuse their whiney New York clients with the exhilaration of skiing on a wet, snowy day; and the tall server at Merry Go Round, who would always give kids a few extra french fries just to make their eyes light up. It’s the combined effect of all of these small acts of kindness that makes skiing here a wonderful one-of-a-kind experience.

(That, and the 15 bikini-clad locals who hiked the bowl like it was nothing and whirled and swirled down, the bright confetti of paradise.) It’s a symphony we all play a part in, and this winter, everybody deserved a standing ovation. Well played, Skico! Thank you!

Kevin Ward

Old Snowmass

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