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Letter: Skico gets it right this time

Skico gets it right this time

I received a notification last week that Ajax would re-open for additional weekends this season. That was not the surprise. I called to verify whether or not our already-paid-for seasonal passes would apply and without extra fees.

To my amazement — they do! Surprise. Since the passes have been restructured over the years in such a way as to extract every single cent from taxpaying locals, this is a pleasant surprise and a step in the right direction by the monopoly. I still wait for the day that I will wake up and get my Highlander pass back, or actually get my double-flex pass to be the 40-punch pass, or at least be allowed to roll over unused days.

For this not to be the case is still one of the biggest slaps in the face that this very capable organization has handed down. That said, I commend you for the “free” — to pass holders — extension and welcome you to consider additional appreciative gestures to those who have handed over countless dollars to your family!

Steve Hansen

Snowmass Village