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Letter: Skico and the millennials

Re: “Skico execs contemplate Aspen’s future” (The Aspen Times, Sept 11):

What a great read. These so-called millennials, according to the article, are anyone 18 to 34 years old, but other research would say it is someone born in 1980 or later. Regardless of this minor detail, I can only look at our valley and Aspen Skiing Co. and say this is your very own workforce demographic — the workforce, in fact, that you and many in our valley employ, the lift operators, cashiers, ticket sellers, maintenance people, waiters and cooks and so on.

News flash: They have no money. Most of them are making $10 to $15 an hour, and more than 50 percent of that is going toward rent or a house payment if they are lucky. Many work two or three jobs to survive. Given the fact there are other places in our country that don’t have our excessive cost of living, the same holds true. Just how are you planning to tap a broke, underpaid market? Do I see deep discounts in the future as customers? Or are the millennials all getting a pay raise?

One quote from the article stated, “Or do we want to continue or head down a path that’s more focused on an ever-exclusive, ever-sort of shrinking, more and more exclusive niche of the market?” Translation: Our current business plan is unable to be supported solely by the 1 percent crowd, and we just figure that out.

From my point of view, as prices continually increased, jobs dwindled to a point people could no longer afford what at one time was a reasonably priced sport for anyone. You lost a whole segment of the population years ago — perhaps someone’s kid who would have been that next-generation ski bum, possibly looking to you for employment. Now you want them back. And just what is the Aspen Idea, anyway? I have a few.

Scott Lindahl

Snowmass Village