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Letter: Skico and Related are in cahoots

Dear Snowmass Village Town Council,

Isn’t it interesting that Aspen Skiing Co. has decided to put its nose into the debate of Related’s SAC application? As an ex-real estate developer and builder (5,000 residences and 15,000 lots), I see a “conspiracy” between Related and Skico. The town of Snowmass Village’s tongue is hanging out for a hotel in Base Village. Why now? It’s obvious that Skico wants another 400 condominiums for its business there.

Skico bailed six months ago on a hotel, and this talk now is to help Related. This is the same Skico that just before the vote in 2004 said it was going to build Base Village to completion over and over again.

That deception got my vote because the Crowns are billionaires and owned 20 percent of General Dynamics. They could not sell without the town’s approval and another vote. Well, that requirement fell through the “cracks” at Town Hall.

How could the council let Skico and Intrawest (whatever that partnership was) sell to a “shell” Related subsidiary without “due diligence”? Look what happened. Don’t tell me the foreclosure and incomplete buildings were because of the recession. Many, many financially solid companies such as the Crowns completed projects during the recession. Related New York City could have saved the project when sales fell off, but it chose to let Hypo Bank pay millions of Related’s debts to clear the title.

“What an ugly web we weave when we toil to deceive.” — Dr. Richard C. Goodwin.

Can we trust Skico?

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village