Letter: Skadron has track record of success

The job of mayor requires intelligence, commitment, agility and vision. Our current mayor, Steve Skadron, has exhibited all the above as well as an ability to support civil discourse with the public and at the council table. In the short two years that he has been in office, he has achieved impressive success in the areas of:

Environmental stewardship: 100 percent renewable energy in the municipal electric portfolio and completion of the climate impact assessment and resiliency plan.

Affordable housing: 82 new units completed on time and under budget at Burlingame II.

Transit: Rubey Park remodel with city funds augmented by $3 million in state and federal funds.

Citizen involvement: Creation of NextGen Advisory Commission; council meetings welcoming and listening to all viewpoints; establishment of the

Mayor’s Listening Tour.

Park system: Wagner Park renovation and Rio Grande Park completion.

Complete streets: Mill Street improvements, Neal Avenue/Herron Park improvements, Gondola Plaza reconstruction, city support of WE-cycle and establishment of bike routes throughout the city.

Stormwater system: Projects at Ute Avenue, Neale Avenue, Glory Hole Park, Rio Grande Park, John Denver Sanctuary, Gondola Plaza and Mill Street.

City assets: Completion of Wheeler technology upgrade and balcony reconstruction; facilities audit in progress.

Economic stimulus: Business navigator online to assist new and existing business in the planning and permitting process.

Metrics for charting the city’s progress: Creation of Environmental Dashboard and Economic Dashboard.

These accomplishments are impressive, but more important is what Skadron envisions for the future:

A land-use code consistent with the Aspen Area Community Plan

Environmental standards that set an example for mountain towns and economic diversity that moves Aspen away from boom and bust economics

Skadron has the experience, the tenacity, the civility and the vision to preserve our mountain town culture and quality of life by engaging with the future yet respecting the past.

Vote Steve Skadron for mayor.

Ann Mullins

Councilwoman, Aspen City Council