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Letter: Six summertime rules


Six summertime rules

Dear Editor:

It seems every spring all of the same bad behaviors return. It is a long winter, but seriously, can’t we all remember a few simple rules? Let’s review them — again.

1. Do not feed the bears! Never allow a trash bin to overflow. Never, ever, ever leave a trash container unlocked. Period. Pretty damn simple, and yet every summer bears are euthanized because we can’t keep our food away from them.

2. Sidewalks and the mall are for pedestrians only. No bikes.

3. The pedestrian/bike way on Hopkins is for pedestrians and cyclists. Cars may drive one block only. That’s what those tiny little signs in the middle of the road say.

4. All dogs must be on a leash at all times in Aspen; it’s called a leash law. There are some areas where dogs may be off-leash, but they must be in sight and respond to vocal commands.

5. If you are a dog owner, here’s a tip: Your dog poos every day somewhere. Please make sure you know where and dispose of it properly. Ignoring it, bagging it and leaving the bag on the trail (or sidewalk) is disgusting and unacceptable. Seriously, it really is your responsibility to clean up after your dog.

6. When travelling on the bike paths, travel on the right side of the path and pass on the left. Hence, when you hear someone call out “on your left,” that means they are about to pass on your left side. It does not mean move to the left. You might also hear a bell ringing, repeatedly; that is a biker announcing their intention to pass you, on your left.

This brings up an important point for the local cyclists. This means you, too, who you are passing, and please stop scaring the !#$!# out of your fellow riders. Oh, and single up!

Finally, if you’re going to stop and chat, cool, but get off the trail, do not impede the travel of others.

That’s it. Pretty easy. Carry on and have a safe and happy summer!

Margret O’Brien

Aspen Village

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