Letter: Simply obey the code

This letter is written in response to the July 18 Aspen Daily News commentary by Lorenzo Semple titled “We Want more luxury penthouses; we want them now!” Semple states that the proponents of Referendum 1 and the petition against Base 2 “want buildings with more high-end retail stores and luxury penthouses on top.” In actuality, the proponents of Referendum 1 are actually not against building new “affordable” hotels in Aspen, nor are we proposing penthouse-laden, high-end retail stores. We are, however, against the granting of variances for structures that do not comply with the land-use code. Allowing the council to grant variances that give a developer so much more leeway than the land-use code provides is not the way to build affordable anything. It is a simple concept: no variances that go beyond what the land-use code allows.

Catalina Cruz