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Letter: Sickened by the health-care ads

I have hit mute one too many times in order to block out the appalling mistruths of the latest Karl Rove Crossroads GPS ad about Obamacare. And I understand that those who want to make Obama a villain seize every opportunity to malign his programs. But really? I must speak out. What happened to vetting statements and being honest? The ad is twisted.

Last weekend I met a health-care executive who has been consulting with hospitals and medical professionals in Colorado for 30 years. He came up to our booth at the Saturday market and said: “I just want you all to know that those negative ads being blasted over Colorado airwaves are completely wrong. Obamacare is working, and those of us in the industry are pleased with the progress. There are, of course, things to be fixed, but nothing in that ad is true. Some people who can afford it may be paying a little bit more than they were paying, but there are also millions insured now who were not before.”

What happened to truth in advertising? Obama cares — and I think it’s time to speak out against the obvious racism inherent in the blame game that pretends to be something else. The lies are designed to feed the need to justify hate. It sickens me.

Georgia Hanson


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