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Letter: Sick of the D.C. politics

Sick of the D.C. politics

I am considering resigning as a politically responsible American. I want to denounce any association with all political parties and live a benign existence as a victim of the callous, self-centered, egotistical money-grabbing political pimps they really are.

The constitution should be suspended; an agreement to become a parliamentary democracy should be enabled and we should proceed with a majority vote to govern.

The situation we have presently is a masked racist opposition to a liberal leadership. We have laws on the table that, if not perfect, should be debated and refined to suit all the parties involved. The Affordable Care Act embodies most, if not all, of the proposals previously brought to the table by the Republican Party. Why is it now unacceptable? Because the first African American president has brought it to the table and it has been enacted?

The current political extortion is unacceptable. Millions of Americans, who have nothing to do with the pimps in Congress, will pay the price for the prostitution being perpetrated. Why is the working-class being punished for the asinine political posturing of both parties?

I feel used. I feel everyone in my middle-class life is being raked over the coals. We are the fodder of mindless fools who garner thousands of dollars a year in salary and campaign donations pretending to represent us. B.S.! They represent their own salaries and pensions that exceed the wildest expectations of gainfully employed people who work their collective butts off every day to try to make a living. They work to be re-elected so they can keep their health care that we pay for and try to deny people who can’t afford the voracious appetite of the private health care system. Who are these representatives?

Some where, some how, we, the people, have to demand that those who we have elected do the hard thing. They lock themselves in a room and hammer out a solution. People used to compromise, even politicians. There is a solution to health care and the budget (How can Republicans be so adverse to the debt limit when it was skyrocketed by Regan, and two Bush presidents?).

I want to resign. I’m sick and tired of being the bobber on the end of the fishing line when it comes to such partisanship. They are adults, they know how to negotiate, they know how to compromise, they know we are all victims. What happens to them when they go to Washington? They have what they want; they forgot what we said when we sent them.

My resignation is pending. Either we fire them one at a time, or we deserve what they have done to us.

Randall Day


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