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Letter: Shut down the pot farm

All of those who live near High Valley’s grow farm were stunned to hear Jordan Lewis’s proclamation in the Aspen Daily News on July 4 (“Well, can you still smell that smell?”) that he had stopped the skunk smell from escaping into nearby homes, the Roaring Fork Club, bike paths and nearby businesses.

George W. Bush’s infamous claim of victory in Iraq in 2003 and the Chicago Tribune’s 1948 headline that Dewey defeated Truman are as meaningful. The smell has, in fact, gotten worse and is there every day despite High Valley’s “high tech” vaporizing systems. Or maybe the Aspen Daily News was just late in releasing this story intended for the April Fool’s edition?

There were even some reports of a bear along Highway 82 directly across from the farm a few days ago sniffing and wondering if he should cross the highway to dine on some skunk road kill. Wouldn’t that create some unfortunate real news?

At the Pitkin County commissioners’ work session reviewing this matter June 10, Lewis once again assured the commissioners and protesting neighbors that in eight weeks the odor would be gone. Based on that input, the next meeting was set for Aug. 11. As the Board of County Commissioners will see at that meeting, the odors persist, and everyone is now extremely upset from continuing to be their guinea pigs through the summer. One only needs to read the posts on

http://www.roaringforkskunksmell.com to realize the gravity of the outcry.

This has to stop! At the very least, the operation should be shut down Aug. 11 and not started back up until they have truly proven their mitigation systems in place and fully operational, and certainly the county commissioners should not renew its permit Sept. 21 if it is not 100 percent successful. Please give us back our clean air and property values.

David Lambert