Letter: Showing courage on a controversial decision

On Oct. 21, the Snowmass Water and Sanitation District held one of many public discussions on the topic of fluoride in the community water system serving Snowmass Village. As it had been reported in the past, the pros and cons on this issue were passionate and divisive. As presenters at the meeting, we were very impressed with the district board and staff. They were courteous and civil to one another and to members of the public who came to deliver personal beliefs on the fluoride question. We want to express our appreciation and thanks to the district board for its courage in making this difficult decision. We expect our elected officials to take positions on controversial questions, but we want to single out these board members for their willingness to thoroughly listen to both sides of this question and to ultimately cast their votes.

Dr. Kimberly Levin

Pitkin County medical health officer

Liz Stark

Pitkin County public health director

Thomas S. Dunlop

Pitkin County environmental public health advocate