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Letter: Shield children from marijuna ads

I’m surprised I haven’t seen more concern voiced about marijuana advertising in our local newspapers and other publications. In the past few years, we’ve seen a flood of sophisticated, full-color ads plastered across our local newspapers. I’m not pro-prohibition, it just seems we should have some policies in place to better protect our children from the daily barrage of marijuana ads.

My understanding is that newspapers can legally run such ads as long as there is “reliable evidence” that no more than 30 percent of their readership is younger than age 21. Whether that is true or not, local papers are ubiquitous in this community, and as ads are often on the front page, children are repeatedly exposed to a pro-drugs message that many parents consider harmful.

I urge local publications to consider new advertising policies to better shield community children from exposure to marijuana ads. Right now it’s a free for all. Even a small improvement in the way these ads are treated would be an important benefit to our children’s welfare.

Matthew Monaghan