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Letter: Shameful article

Rick Carroll, shame on you. Your reporting on Will Graham is so insensitive. Graham was a son, brother, friend and so much more. He grew up in Aspen and I have known him since he was a baby. How about reporting the good things about Will, like whenever he saw you he would make a point to give you the biggest hug with a smile and would sit and talk to you whether he was with his friends or how about defending our country, and how about just being a good kid? He has been a part of this community for 31 years and some of his family still lives here. How do you think they feel? Geraldine, Bill and Wes are his mom, dad and brother and need to be mentioned. Geraldine was a counselor with the Aspen School District for years and helped so many kids, even one of mine, but I bet you didn’t know that. Aspen is a wonderful town, and most of its people here are compassionate and caring. We all have our demands, yes, even you, Rick. Before you ever write another story I hope you will stop and think how it might affect the families you are writing about. Will was so much more then what you reported. Aspen has lost another one of its children and this town is in mourning. Rick, please get the facts right next time before you attempt to write about someone’s life. To the whole Graham family, my heart aches for you all and I will miss Will and his beautiful smile.

Ginny Myers