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Letter: Shame on columnist, newspaper

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to Aspen Times columnist Meredith Carroll.

Ms. Carroll,

I have read your article several times in the past 24 hours (“More than meets the eye in custody case,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, May 19). The only thing I can truly say to you is, “Shame on you.”

I am amazed in this day and age that the publishers of your paper allowed such an article to be released.

Your article is so one-sided and so far from the truth that anyone with access to the past six-plus years of court proceedings both in Colorado and Argentina would easily contradict almost everything you wrote.

If you were going to write about this poor mother being ripped away from her daughters this past Mother’s Day, why did you not comment on the past five Father’s Days that their father was not allowed to see or speak to his daughters (the girl’s paternal family also was not allowed to speak to them for almost five years)? Many attempts were made to get the mother to spend some time with her daughters on Mother’s Day, but she chose not to make the arrangements.

I have known Dennis Burns for more than 30 years and met Ana when they were dating and first married. Burns is a far better man than many men in his situation. He fought continuously and legally to have his daughters returned to their rightful home. He made several trips to Argentina and was prevented from seeing his daughters. He did not prevent their mother from returning to the U.S. with them (I personally would have had her arrested and sent back to Argentina the minute she set foot on American soil). Ana has had more contact with her daughters since they returned to the U.S. than their father was allowed to have with them while they were illegally in Argentina.

From what I’ve seen and heard, Burns is doing everything he can to get his daughters back to a regular routine and has said continuously that he wants both parents involved with their daughters’ upbringing (something Ana fought to prevent in Argentina the past five years).

Again, I repeat, shame on you and shame on your publishers.

Thomas F. Lavin

Ocean Township, New Jersey