Letter: Shake things up by approving hotel

I’m voting “yes” on 2A for Base2. Yes, it targets a newer generation, one that may not be civically engaged today, but that’s exactly the point.

The younger crowd is the very group that pushed, scratched, fought, partied and ultimately endorsed Aspen as uniquely its own. For more than 60 years, we have seen the young and the hopeful come here to make their mark on the world. They have been our dreamers, our open-minded set. And our fuel to grow as a community.

Don’t buy it? Well, Klaus, Carl, Eve, Bob, Andy, Meed, Whip, Ramona and Jim — they were all once young and dreaming pioneers with passion, and their enthusiasm and zeal served to help shape today’s Aspen, a community rich in history and in hope.

Don’t lift the drawbridge on all that.

Open-minded and ready to set the world on fire. Shake it up! That’s the energy propelling this town, and it’s what keeps Aspen alive (and kicking).

So, younger crowd — go be the next Klaus or Eve! Start a business, join a nonprofit, or take a role in your local government. Whatever it is, make sure you show the world what you’ve got, and vote yes on 2A!

Dwayne Romero