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Letter: Setting the record straight

It is with a heavy heart that I recently closed Boogie’s Diner and sold the Boogie’s Building. I loved the diner and for 28 years have taken pride in providing good food at an affordable price to both local families and tourists. Unfortunately, it is time to retire.

What upset me almost as much as closing the diner was reading the misinformation given to the public in the local newspapers by Shlomo Ben-Hamoo and his lawyer, Matt Ferguson. They accused me of not paying a commission that they claimed I owed Shlomo relating to the sale of the building. I feel I must set the record straight.

There was no handshake deal between me and Shlomo for me to pay him a commission. Neither was there anything in writing. Any and all commissions owed to Shlomo were to be paid by the buyer. The contract explicitly states: “Seller is not represented by a Broker in connection with this transaction. … Buyer shall pay a brokerage commission to Buyer’s Broker (Shlomo Ben-Hamoo) pursuant to a separate agreement between Buyer and Buyer’s Broker.”

I did not owe Shlomo a commission — the buyer did, and that is exactly who paid it. Shlomo and Matthew Ferguson went after the wrong party. What a shame that this lawsuit ruined a 30-year friendship.

Through the years, I have always been very conscientious and generous with my friends, the community and Shlomo and his family in particular. To read unwarranted accusations made me truly sad.

On a more positive note, I would like to remind everyone that the Boogie’s Buddy Race will take place as always on July Fourth and that the Bash for the Buddies will be held this year at my place (the Merry-Go-Ranch) on July 9. I’m proud to be a longtime supporter of the Buddy Program, which without a doubt is one of the more important nonprofits in the valley. I hope to see many of you at one or both of these events. For more information, go to http://www.buddyprogram.org or call 970-920-2130.

Leonard “Boogie” Weinglass