Letter: Serious situation

Democrats, do not panic yet, but you really need to get it in gear. And soon. I really don’t think Donald Trump or Ted Cruz can win a general election providing they are going to be the Republican nominee, but we need to get out the vote big time. Talk to people you know and explain what a state of emergency this could be. Thank goodness Trump is running a junior high school-style campaign and people are really starting to get that. Thank goodness Trump says at

least a few stupid things per day, if not per hour, and the general public is really starting to pay attention. Thank goodness he has Sarah Palin speaking at his events. I’m sure John McCain and Steve Schmidt are scratching their heads over that messy choice. Truly ignorant, ill-informed and dangerous people.

I honestly think Donald Trump will not win the women’s vote, the Latino vote, the black vote, the Jewish vote, the Native American vote or the white, male, moderate vote. All he has to do is talk like he has been talking and it is over. I think all Hillary Clinton has to do is stay the course, and if she gets the nomination pick a running mate like one of the Castro brothers from the great state of Texas. Who knows, with a pick like that Texas could become a more moderate purple or blue state all the while buttoning up the Latino vote in the whole country. So Dems, you better get serious really soon.

Miles Knudson