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Letter (Sept. 10): Obama doesn’t know about accountability

I don’t know who used the chemical weapons, and I don’t care. Stay out of a Muslim civil war.

Obama should be addressing the IRS scandal. He is in charge of the IRS, and after making repeated phony statements, not one person in the IRS has seen any disciplinary action.

After Obama told us that he was going to find and punish the people responsible for the Benghazi attack, not one person in Libya or in the State Department has faced any disciplinary or accountability actions.

Let me give Obama a hint: You should start with Hillary Clinton, who ignored several requests from Ambassador Christopher Stevens, for additional security.

James Trapper lied directly to Congress about the National Security Agency not spying on Americans (and it is on video tape), and nothing has been done to him, even though it is against the law to lie to a congressional investigating committee. Again, zero accountability.

How about some discipline for Eric Holder? He went “judge shopping” to get an illegal warrant to tap James Rosen’s phone (and Rosen’s parents’ phone). Again, zero accountability.

The point here, Mr. President, is stop telling us you want to hold Syria “accountable.” You have not held anyone in your administration accountable for any of their dirty deeds, so why should we believe you? I know that I don’t believe you! You have lied way too many times.

Michael Galvis

Woody Creek

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