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Letter: Sensationalistic story

I am deeply saddened and angry at the recent negative article in your paper regarding the tragic accident with Will Graham. Will and his family have been a huge part of our Aspen community for decades. Will first and foremost was one of our own who grew up here, went through our schools and then went on to serve our country. Will continually strived to improve and get beyond the issues he faced. To have that struggle posted publicly at this time was insensitive and wrong. The family deserves our support as they endeavour to get through this difficult and horrific time in their lives. The Grahams have given so much to our community, as evidenced by Geraldine, who has supported, counseled and cheered on thousands of our students, including mine, throughout their school and post-school lives. Wes is a tireless and devoted member of our city government and dedicates many hours outside his job to improving, enriching and positively impacting our community. Any articles worth printing related to this tragedy should focus on how we can move forward in some positive way to support those in need in our community, especially our vets. The Aspen Times should be a positive part of this conversation and not demean our community with sensationalistic stories. By doing this, they will match the examples Billy, Geraldine and Wes Graham have already demonstrated time and again through their dedication and devotion to our town.

Jamie Mahaffey