Letter: Senior Matters needs your help

Senior Matters needs your help

Dear Editor:

Thinking of volunteering for a nonprofit? Senior Matters of Carbondale is pursuing volunteers to help with events and to join our board of trustees. The Senior Matters Board meets the third Wednesday of the month at the 3rd St. Center, Room 33 in Carbondale. Stop in and chat with us.

This year, again, we will be serving our great snowcones at the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo, starting Thursday, June 6. We all kick up our boots and have a great time enjoying the rodeo and serving snowcones. Have you ever watched a child, young or old wrap their hand around a snowcone on a hot rodeo day? Come join us at the rodeo and watch.

Senior Matters has other events during the year that volunteers are needed; sign up as a “friend of Senior Matters” and help us fulfill our mission statement: “Foster diverse education and social programs for seniors of all ages.” Contact Mildred at 970-945-7094 or Dee at 970-963-2653.

Mary J Wheeler