Letter: Sen. Udall will support women’s rights

If you have seen the latest ad from Crossroads GPS, you know where I am coming from. It undermines the fundamental rights and freedoms of Colorado women. Apparently, Karl Rove thinks his dark money can trick Coloradans into believing that a woman’s right to make a health care choice is not an important decision in this election.

It shows that Congressman Cory Gardner and his allies are desperate. Coloradans already know that they cannot trust or protect a woman’s right to make decisions about health care. Rove is not going to change that.

Though he keeps trying to run away from it, Gardner’s record speaks for itself. In 2008 and 2010, Gardner supported the statewide personhood measure (yes, the same one that Colorado voters rejected by a 2-1 margin twice), and currently he sponsors the federal version of the bill. His long history of blocking access to birth control and to ban abortions, even in cases of rape or incest, proves that he would only take Colorado women backward.

Sen. Mark Udall, on the other hand, is someone we can trust to protect women’s basic rights and freedoms. He has fought his entire career to do right by us. We are not a box to just check off.

When it comes to choosing between Udall and Gardner, it is clear who will stand up for the rights of women.

Won’t you join me in supporting Mark? As women, I believe this is our choice.

Colleen Scissors