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Letter: Self-serving bureaucrats

I read your article in the July 12 Aspen times about the Wells Fargo drive-thru being closed. I was wondering why the senior environmental health specialist, Jannette Whitcomb, doesn’t take a walk around town at lunchtime and see the smoke and fumes coming from all the restaurants downtown. The CP Burger joint spews smoke and burger fumes at a rate that makes my million-mile Freightliner look like an environmental milestone.

If this bureaucrat was to take a walk around town, or in the West End, she would have to go home and take a shower because of the dust the street sweeper blew all over her dress. Or she may have run into one of those pesky gas-powered leaf blowers run by one of the Mexican lawn armada. Maybe she would only be blasted with concrete and dust created by yet another curb replacement caused by the winter snow-clearing grader blade against the curbs. She probably thinks she can solve all of these maladies by removing the one thing that really benefits seniors and businesspeople in their daily chores.

People of Aspen, it is time to clean our city administration of the entire bunch of self-serving administrators who pay themselves $100,000-plus per year to hassle the people of our town. And they can take all their street-corner bulb-outs and put them where the sun doesn’t shine. Are you listening, Aspen Engineering Department? I defy you to take a large pickup around the corners of “your” bulb-out without going in the opposite lane, which is illegal.

One more thing: Anyone know why the Aspen police allow the Tuesday Cruise Day bunch of 200 bicyclists to ride their bikes without lights after having cocktails at the Limelight? I thought biking while intoxicated was against the law.

James Wingers


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