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Letter: Schultz’s termination a travesty


Editor’s note: The following letter was originally sent to members of Aspen Valley Hospital’s board of directors.

Not everyone gets along, doctors included. Because John Schultz does not agree with Bill Rodman on everything should not be the issue. It’s wrong for one doctor to have the exclusive right to break a contract and abruptly eliminate another. This is unfair to John Schultz and unfair to this community.

What’s worse is that the hospital board members, who are supposed to represent the community, give one doctor the right to terminate the other. This should not be a “good old boys club.”

You want to bring in travelling yokels when you already have a good established doctor in place loved by so many. For you to terminate Dr. Schultz’s right to practice at this hospital is shameful and of no service to our community.

I had a hernia and questioned Dr. Schultz as to why Dr. Rodman misdiagnosed me; Dr. Schultz did not bad mouth Dr. Rodman. He told me, “I miss some too.” He handled the matter eloquently and professionally, sensed my urgency and immediately took care of me. After putting up with the pain for a long time, it was my good fortune to have the necessary surgery and finally be taken care of properly.

I do not hold anything against Dr. Rodman for his misdiagnosis. Anyone can make a mistake. I do fault him for his less-than-admirable way he took his senior position to abruptly boot Dr. Schultz and request to the hospital board that he should not be allowed to practice at the hospital.

I never knew there was a rift between Dr. Schultz and Dr. Rodman until I read it in the newspaper. I have lived in this community for 39 years and have had my share of medical issues, which I believe most people my age have had. I feel very lucky to have come across Dr. Schultz. His care, compassion and skill are one of the best I have seen. He brings to the table the latest technology which we need, not old school.

One-hundred and 40 million dollars are spent to have a first-class medical facility. Energy and money should be used to keep good doctors, not get rid of them.

To terminate Dr. Schultz would be a travesty and put a black mark on our community.

Stan Bialek


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