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Letter: Scary stuff

Randy Johnson wants to take a closer look at fear-mongering (“Fluoride fear-mongering,” Letters to the editor, The Aspen Times, Nov. 16) in my accusations that I make about fluoride. I welcome his scrutiny.

It is my opinion that it is a crazy and dangerous practice to put what Lancet, the oldest and one of the most prestigious medical journals, and the Environmental Protection Agency have labeled as a developmental neurotoxin into drinking water. Maybe this is frightening to some. I certainly think it is alarming.

I am concerned that the Pitkin County Health Department endorses putting this into our drinking water. To me, this is worrisome.

Johnson also states that relating the issue that Newsweek has reported the correlation of fluoride to diseases such as hypothyroidism, cancer, lowered IQ and other issues are fear-invoking statements. I concur with him. I find this frightening.

Harvard University has researched fluoride to find that there is a high correlation with lowered IQ. I also find this upsetting.

The Food and Drug Administration classifies fluoride as an unapproved drug, yet it is distributed through our public drinking-water system without any informed consent, monitoring of doses and dosaging. We are unable to tell how much fluoride at-risk groups are getting. It is very worrisome that this unethical medical practice continues to be done and nobody will take responsibility for monitoring this unapproved drug. This is scary.

While people claim that there are hundreds of studies in support of fluoride, I question the methodology and validity of this information, just as some question the challenges against fluoride. Harvard, Lancet, the EPA, the FDA and Newsweek are reliable enough sources for me. These, along with other sources that pro-fluoride people disparage, are enough for me to question the status quo and what is going on.

Environmental toxicity, in my opinion, is a very serious health issue. The U.S. ranks 39th in the world in health, according to the World Health Organization. Why?

My purpose is to help people become aware of what are possible causes of increasing serious health issues. It is my opinion that people are being marketed to and brainwashed by corporations that are more concerned about profit than they are about the health of people and this planet. Our country has a history of delivering toxic substances to the public (lead and arsenic). It is presently being done by Monsanto, the junk-food industry, the sugar industry and other interests.

This is not about people not being able to get fluoride. There are many ways to get fluoride. Many of those who challenge fluoridation are challenging using public drinking water as a delivery system. We are in favor of the Clean Water Act.

The biggest issues are that people should have the right to choose what they put into their bodies and they should have the right to clean water.

At this point, Johnson has not convinced me to put this neurotoxin in my body.

I welcome continued dialogue concerning the “torrent of unanswered and false claims.”

Tom Lankering


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