Letter: Save the Grand Canyon

There is a threat of development in the bottom of the Grand Canyon! A gondola could be built from the top, on the Native American-owned land, to the confluence of the Little Colorado with the main Colorado. This would change the wilderness feel of the canyon forever.

They also want to use the scarce water of a spring to further develop a giant tourist attraction to go along with the gondola. There are places that should be protected from development so we and the next generation can feel the tranquility of nature, hear the silence of wild places and be in a place that transcends time. There are so few of these kinds of places left.

Save the Grand! If people do not want to take the time to get there in a natural way, they can buy the video! Take action now. Sign a petition at the website of Save the Confluence (, join American Rivers (, and help them fight this development. Friends of the Grand Canyon Trust are in need of donations to win this battle, so contact your representative. Do not remain silent while one of our national treasures is destroyed.

Denise Handrich