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Letter: Savagery does not equal independence

While most of us do not remember the early frontier days except from recounted stories that may or may not be true as handed down, there are some truths that cannot be ignored, denied or swept under the rug that are affecting us today.

Before the entitled white man showed up to steal this land and claim it as his own, millions of humans lived here who were native to this land. They lived peacefully among nature, the animal populations were abundant, healthy and free, the water was pure enough to drink from the stream, the air was clean, the trees and plants thrived, there was peace on the planet and very little disease — physical or mental — and the creator bestowed the people with free, natural medicine. The people who lived here respected the earth, the animals, the children and one another and always looked at how their actions would affect the next seven generations.

There were no guns, cannons or bombs, no cancer or autism, no diabetes or heart disease. Wealth and health were inseparable, and the laws of nature and abundance for all were the natural way of life for thousands of years.

And yet “these people” were deemed to be savages because they stood up for their independence and freedom when the white man came and took their land and limited their spiritual and religious beliefs.

Over the past 300 years, the white-mind mentality has spread the seed of destruction and hostile takeovers to amuse and entertain themselves while the rest of all life is horrendously abused on a daily basis.

The land is destroyed daily, water has to be bought and drank from plastic bottles because it’s dirty, we continue to soil the land with unnatural plastics, the air is filled with unnatural chemicals, our weather patterns are in total chaos, the food systems have been poisoned and tainted with chemicals, we kill billions of animals a year needlessly for our food, our medicine actually kills hundreds of thousands of people, we are so disconnected from nature as we are wired into the technology of today, our technology is literally making us sick, we poison our children with vaccines and crappy food, cancer is rampant, we are no longer connected to ourselves, our economic system is a mess, we are taking more resources daily from the Earth than she can replenish, we go around to other countries bullying them, spreading the seed of our screwed-up democracy and lies, the rich have financially enslaved the poor, access to the truth that should come from the media is a dead thing of the past, and we are in debt so far beyond our means and waste so much that the next seven generations will live in a hell of a mess due to our runaway spending and consume-more-ism.

Now I ask: Who are the real savages? And what will it take to save us from ourselves?

Alecia Evans


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