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Letter: Same problems, same non-solutions

Your June 2 editorial (“Cap on pot shops doesn’t smell right,” Commentary, The Aspen Times) on whether to put a cap on the number of pot shops in Aspen is quite sensible. Unfortunately, rationality has its limits.

Government efforts to protect us from ourselves are fraught with folly, as the prohibition of alcohol and the creation of gun-free zones have demonstrated. Such efforts give politicians something to put on their resumes and raise revenue through sin taxes but accomplish little else. You are right to question Mayor Steve Skadron’s judgment in this matter.

As for tasking parents with educating their children about marijuana, I also agree, but pop culture has rendered that a steeply uphill task, especially as it’s already won over many parents.

And as for the perversity of youth, there seems to be no cure for that. Some of us have a stronger self-preservation gene than others.

Your suggestion to let the market sort things out sounds good until you consider the markets for prostitution, slavery and pornography. Markets don’t always work in our best interests.

Religion is pretty good at controlling markets, but has largely set sail, except in Muslim culture, where it produces a lot of hypocrisy and neurosis. Even a jihad on decadent Westerners won’t solve the pot problem, since one needs hashish in order to be an effective hashishin (the Turkish origin of the word “assassin”).

Welcome to the post-modern world. Cowboy up if you seek to survive it. You’re on your own.

Chad Klinger


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