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Letter: Saddened by damage to Little Annie Basin

I finished reading your article “Neighbors upset about wedding project,” (The Aspen Times, June 12) and I am deeply saddened for the state of our community.

I am reminded of a letter to your newspaper written years ago upon the opening of the Mountain Club. If I recall, the writer was troubled by the fact that four months a year, all of Aspen sat down for lunch together at the Sundeck during ski season. But, with the opening of the Mountain Club, there was a subset of our Aspen community that did not want to have lunch with us. The writer’s conclusion was essentially, “Let them go off and have lunch by themselves and not bother us.”

Now they are bothering us, or at least me. It is appalling to think that Robert Steel, head of the Aspen Institute — home of “Great Ideas” — hasn’t a clue!

Wasn’t he at the institute to listen to the talks on conservation, clean energy, the environment, carbon footprints, community or the danger of the growing disparity between the very, very rich and the rest of us? Or were these sermons for us and not him? Can anyone be so tone-deaf?

I am saddened by the damage he is doing to the Little Annie Basin, saddened by damage he is doing to our roads, saddened by his dismissal of our community and saddened by the millions being spent on a wedding. A small fraction of the cost could have helped a lot of kids go to college.

And I am revolted by Steel’s bad taste.

Harrison Augur