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Letter: Rushing to judgment over Krabloonik

Rushing to judgment over Krabloonik

Last Friday, after living here since 1995, I decided to head over to Krabloonik to try to look at the dogs. I was fired up, for sure, in light of the horror stories of the dogs being abused and not cared for.

The owner, Dan MacEachen, approached me and introduced himself as Dan. I told him that I was worried about the dogs. I did not know who he was and assumed he was nice older man there to help with the dog feeding and poop picking up. I soon, and embarrassingly discovered, that he was the owner.

In his soft-spoken and quiet style, he asked me if I wanted to look around. “Sure,” I said. I had no idea that he would take me around the property for an hour and a half.

I repeatedly told him that he did not need to waste his time with me. I was just curious and loved dogs, and thought I might stop by. Dan, with his weathered face, Carhartts and amused smile, said, “C’mon, let’s go look at the pups.” And the teens, and the love bugs in the mama’s areas, and the pops, and the exuberant life.

So me, being the wilting delicate flower that I am, had decided to do something brave and bold and probably pretty stupid for a 51-year-old woman, nine weeks after hip surgery. I joined the weekend musher basic training course with all of these great people (kids!) this past Saturday and Sunday. After the lengthy safety and overall basic instruction course, out we went. Obliterating.

Now, I don’t know what happened five years ago or one year ago. But I do know first-hand what is happening now. And the guy who brought all of this up? The former musher with an axe to grind? He curiously has never appeared at a town meeting. He has never shown his face or backed up his allegations with pictures or proof. If these things were really going on and he had worked there for years, where was his moral compass the past few years when these alleged horrible things occurred?

Look folks, if I thought for a nanosecond that a dog was being inappropriately cared for, I would have led the charge and buried any person or entity that dared harm such a loving creature. Yet I now know that it is not the dogs that are being abused. The people being maligned, defamed, terrorized and vilified are the very ones who love, care, give and stand stalwart against any sort of abuse in any form whatsoever.

Yet having endured so much hell and pain, they have become sad and despairing and angry at the uninformed people who surely mean well, but know not of what they speak.

I told Dan finally that maybe I did have a motive. That I hate and will fight against wrongs, bullies and hurtful people. I now understand that Krabloonik is not the perpetrator of abuse. It is the people who do not really know what is going on. It is the people who have not been out to the property to look around, ask questions, hard questions, and being asked to question more and look more. It is the people who write editorials and letters to the editor in the paper, who start up caustic social-media pages, going on about things that he said, that she said, that they said, that no one said.

I am not so angry with the loving and caring folks that who to make sure that animals are not hurt. I am furious, however, with folks that write in and for papers. What is that, journalists? To journal, to write, is to fully investigate and to tell the truth. Those who jump on the dog-wagon to write columns or give roses or thorns to self-perceived occurrences based upon (we all hope) are true and documented facts, without first-hand knowledge or verifiable sources, are folks sadly betraying their great true calling. Blast about the hurts, pains, worries, indignities, horrors, harshness, depravity and sickness of what is going on. But do it right.

It is also about the people who show up to town meetings braying about the horror — oh, the horror — of Krabloonik. The people who we need to protect are our friends, dogs and people alike. Just be straight up.

Krabloonik — dogs or people. You will experience safety, bliss and more, much more.

Cindy LaMar

Snowmass Village

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