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Letter: Runoffs impact on open space

Now that the full effects of the spring runoff on the Roaring Fork River are on display in downtown Basalt, I have a few observations and questions.

Although there may be several acres of designated open/park space between the Rocky Mountain Institute, Midland Avenue and the Roaring Fork River, the bulk of that space is in a flood plain. The actual usable/active park open space available as a town community park is not all that substantial. As I write this letter, the Roaring Fork River is surging over the riverbank and into the park area like a giant spillway. I urge everyone to go see for yourself.

Speaking of flood plains, does anyone really believe that underground parking in this flood plain area is economically feasible? If not, then another big chunk of this open space may have to be designated for above-ground parking. The reality of the situation is that we may not have as much space for development on this site as it might appear at first blush. The devil is in the details!

Lastly, on the open space issue, did anyone notice how quickly the Habitat for Humanity shindig filled up the usable space in Lion’s Park on June 21? By most standards, this was not a major Basalt event yet it gobbled up the space in Lion’s Park pretty quickly. Clearly, if we want to have significant community events in downtown Basalt we need to have a space much larger than Lions Park at our disposal. If we do not secure ample usable open space now, I doubt we will have the opportunity in the future.

Greg Shugars