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Letter: Rules for riding

Dear Aspen,

The bicyclists in our area continue to amaze me with their disregard for others. Fast cyclists should be riding on roads single file and following the rules of the road. That means riding with traffic, staying in their lane, obeying traffic signs and signaling intention. If you want to ride fast, stay off the multi-use paths.

Cyclists riding for pleasure on bike paths should slow down and announce when passing pedestrians (use a bell or voice) and should stay on the right side of the road. Renters of bikes may not know the rules and/or etiquette. Shouldn’t bike shops take some responsibility for giving instructions to their customers?

After a 4-mile walk on the Rio Grande on Sunday morning, I found very few polite bikers who announced and slowed to pass me. On a 10-mile bike ride from home on Castle Creek Road the other day, there were groups of riders taking up an entire lane, causing a passing car to come into my lane.

I’ve never seen so many rude cyclists. Selfish and disrespectful behavior seems to be running rampant in Aspen. It doesn’t say much for locals — or visitors.

Donna Fisher