Letter: Rules already exist; enforce them

It’s a matter of enforcement at the North Star Preserve. In the North Star Nature Preserve management plan (updated June 27, 2005), Item 1.06 clearly states the do’s and don’ts of use in the preserve. Item 3 lays out the only viable access corridors for visitors, put-ins, take-outs and paraglider access. Item 8 under 1.06 states that commercial or organized group activities must apply for a permit and at least one representative of said group must attend a North Star users-group meeting twice annually to discuss the state of ecology and recreation in the preserve. The management plan talks about prohibited beaching, anchoring and music in the preserve. Hell, it even tells users what fines might be incurred if a violation is recognized — $100 for first, $500 for second and $1,000 for third — and all that may happen after that. So, Pitkin County, where are the enforcement officers? By the looks of some of the hodgepodge that floats the river, if one was to start issuing a plethora of fines to any user in violation, we’d price the riffraff right off the river! Enforce the government we’ve already established; don’t create more.

Jon Beal