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Letter: Rubey Park doesn’t need an upgrade


Rubey Park doesn’t need an upgrade

Mayor Steve Skadron, I am shocked to hear that the city is even considering a new bus terminal. It appears in better shape that other city property in town.

Are you changing it because you have spent a fortune on each of the stops downvalley? If so, I think you have more money to spend than necessary for this little town. I am appalled that Durant Avenue will now be the staging area for all these buses. There goes even more parking spaces!

I know your council doesn’t want us to shop or eat in town anymore during the season, which is disheartening because there are so many outstanding restaurants,etc. It is surprising to me that there is not an uprising from these groups to have more business.

As for cars in Aspen — I believe it is the American way of motherhood, apple pie and owning a car. Everyone who qualifies for a Green Card immediately buys a car! It is so American!

I wrote early in the summer that the city obviously has white paint now because of the bike lanes painted on the roadways (which is a good thing); therefore, please be so kind to paint the stripes in the core where we are to park! All summer, cars park every which way on every street. There could be an additional space if we parked accordingly. It is same system that City Market and Clark’s has, if you aren’t familiar with the system.

I appreciate the efforts all of you take to make our city better, but that doesn’t mean that to change everything is always for the better of all of us.

Lynda Beal


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