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Letter: Romney redux

Donald Trump and Mitt Romney have similar problems in the quest for winning the president job. Romney stated that corporations are people. Romney and company ruined American companies and shipped jobs to China and most likely other countries. Romney pretty much dodged the draft in the Vietnam War era and acted like a “patriot” over the course of his amazing career. Romney also totally ignored his health care plan he helped implement in Massachusetts when he was governor. His “47 percent” comments also showed his true colors and near contempt for poor people in a poor economy.

Trump is doing an amazing job of destroying the Republican field. He is adding to the in-fighting among the candidates. He also is making the brilliant case at the moment that it is all about Trump and Jeb Bush. Just them. He and Romney have big corporation attitudes, though, leading to a huge problem in a general election. Tax subsidies and corporate-welfare problems. Trump Hotel employees that want to unionize. Huge problems with our Mexican neighbors, basically throwing away a large minority vote if he makes it through the primaries. Trump also has a huge ego, like a 9-year-old, puffed-up boy. I think that will sink him. It is all about Trump, not America or the everyday working stiff. One of the other huge issues is where his line of clothing is manufactured — Mexico and China.

The Republican Party has learned not one thing about all the self-created mishaps from the last presidential election! Pretty amazing. I think that will save the rest of us from them.

Miles Knudson